Download our myPRP app or utilise our portal for access to your medical images anywhere, anytime.




Holding on to your previous films is now a thing of the past. Available as an app or through an online portal (web page), myPRP will securely store your images and reports, enabling you the freedom to share with your health care professionals as required. No more waiting for films or having to store your scans, myPRP lifts your health care to a new level. 

WHEN can your images and report be viewed?

Your referring practitioner will receive a copy of your images and reports instantly.

You will have access to your images as soon as the reporting doctor has reported on them. After the 7 days waiting period the scans and reports are available to you indefinitely.

How do I sign up for myprp?

myPRP is currently being implemented across PRP. Once it is available in your local area we will send you an invitation after your appointment to join myPRP. You may either download the app to your phone, or apply via our portal. Talk to your local PRP practice to see if myPRP is available near you. If you'd like to sign-up now and be set-up in preparation for your next appointment, please download the app on your phone from the App store, or join through our online portal here.

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