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Dr Shane Morony


Shane joined PRP Diagnostic Imaging in 1997. He graduated from Flinders University in 1981 and completed FRACP training specialising in Paediatric Nuclear Medicine.

His training included a fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children, London and time spent at a number of specialist sites in the USA. Shane worked as Director of Nuclear Medicine, Women's & Children's Hospital, Adelaide. He was State Member ANZSNM 1992-3, President ANZSNM 1994-5, State councillor ANZAPNM 1995-6, Member of JSAC, Nuclear Medicine, 1994-2006.
He is a current member of JNMCAC (PET).

Shane has particular interests in Paediatric NM and associated imaging, renal and cardiac scintigraphy and associated imaging including CTCA, quantitative techniques, PET and image co-registration.

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