Proudly supporting Dreams2Live4

Dreams2Live4 is a charity that makes dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer - meaning any cancer that has spread.

Judith's beautiful Dream

Judith's beautiful Dream

The two spent hours talking, laughing and relishing every minute together in this incredible setting. "Mum had a wonderful time and was spoilt rotten by the hotel. They were so lovely and helpful. We even had a complimentary platter and sparkling water. Mum felt so special. To top it off my husband brought the kids so we could all have dinner together and share this magical dream. It was something we will remember forever. "

Thank you to the amazing staff at PRP Diagnostic Imaging who raise money to support Dreams2Live4. Judith is one of the many patients PRP has helped on their dream. Judith has her scans done at PRP Gosford and she will be letting the staff know what their ongoing support means.