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Dreams2Live4 is a charity that makes dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer - meaning any cancer that has spread.

Daniel's simple yes dream comes true!

Daniel's simple yes dream comes true!

Daniel has dreamed of barramundi fishing up the north end of Australia for over 20 years. But so far for him, life just hasn’t worked out that way. This love affair began when he started watching the fishing shows on TV. And ever since then he was hooked! Despite his cancer diagnosis, Daniel wouldn't give up on his dream.

Daniel is a patient at PRP Imaging. Thanks to the money raised by the special staff members at PRP, what was always just a dream for Daniel has become a reality! He was over the moon when he found out he was going up to Darwin, not alone but with his 2 young daughters and partner too. He caught 3 barramundi and after cooking and eating them, he said it was the best fish he has ever tasted! The family was able to spend precious time together away from the horrible world of cancer. Dreams2Live4 would like to thank PRP for making so many dreams come true for metastatic cancer patients!