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Dreams2Live4 is a charity that makes dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer - meaning any cancer that has spread.

Barbara's dream to see her family together

Barbara's dream to see her family together

Thanks to the contribution of PRP staff to Dreams2Live4, Barbara’s dream came true – her beautiful family were reunited with her.

The Coles family travelled from around Australia to visit Barbara and put a smile on her face. They shared the magic of a holy communion, enjoyed lunches and special outings, creating precious memories that will be cherished forever. It meant the world to Barbara to have her family all in one place. “This is the last time Barbara will see her sons and their families so it really does mean so much for her.” – Anita
“Please pass on our thanks and gratitude, to those that assisted in my family being able to visit my ill mother in Bathurst. Without your support, it would not have been possible to see mum. We are really grateful for the opportunity you have provided!” – David and Vicki
Thank you to the staff of PRP whose support of Dreams2Live4 meant Barbara’s dream came true. You are all Dream Makers!