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Dreams2Live4 is a charity that makes dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer - meaning any cancer that has spread.

Anthony's Dream Honeymoon

Anthony's Dream Honeymoon

Anthony has had bad reactions to his chemo and has ended up in intensive care on several occasions. When he relapsed Penny said the fight went out of him until the social worker mentioned Dreams2Live4.

β€œIt was the first time I have seen Anthony look defeated. You can only take so many hits without it eventually knocking you down physically and emotionally. When the social worker came to tell us last week that they had registered him for Dreams2Live4, Anthony broke down in tears. This just means so much to give him the opportunity to forget about leukaemia, forget about treatment, forget about having a transplant match and forget to worry about whether he will see our kids grow up.

In the time since Dream Maker Louise rang us, I have seen a definite change in Anthony- he has something to really look forward to.

Anthony and I got married almost three years ago, and never managed to fit in or afford a honeymoon. Louise is helping us to get some time away, just the two of us and to watch a match of his soccer team, Sydney FC. To meet some of the players would be more than he could ever dream of.

This means so much to him and to me. A good man like Anthony really deserves a break from this.” – Penny.