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Dreams2Live4 is a charity that makes dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer - meaning any cancer that has spread.

A Magnificent Dream comes true for PRP Patient Troy

A Magnificent Dream comes true for PRP Patient Troy

As a boy, Troy had a passion for cars. He dreamed of one day driving with Mag Wheels on his Commodore. This was his boyhood image of success. But as time went by, responsibilities mounted and there was never the money to do it. Tragically Troy was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. He wrote: "Now I have left it too late. I can no longer work and I will never be able to afford them".

The money raised by PRP staff has helped Dreams2Live4 grant Troy's Dream and he is now the proud owner of Mag Wheels for his Holden Commodore. For Troy, these mag wheels represent everything he wanted his life to be when he was young. Cancer has stripped so much from Troy's life. But this simple dream has empowered him and has brought him so much joy.